Why irish Express?

Why Ride with Irish Express

Anyone can get you there, but nobody does it quite like we do. Hands down, the best way to get from Chicago to a Notre Dame game, Irish Express combines the best parts of a Football game into one amazing experience.

As true Chicago and South Bend natives, we know we have created a truly satisfying experience for football fans traveling to South Bend. We offer a chauffeured driven coach which gets you to Notre Dame in comfort. But, it does not stop there as we also include a fun tailgate experience.

The Traveling Tailgate in Full Color

When you ride with the Irish Express Plus, this is what you get:

  • A luxury coach equipped with a restroom and WIFI
  • Generous availability of bus drinks
  • Take part in the greatest tailgating experience on earth
  • Late night snack

We aim to get you to Chicago as quickly as possible after the game. All coaches leave exactly one hour after the last second is ticked off the clock in the stadium.

Our promise to you is to provide an amazing experience for true football fans with our Notre Dame Football transportation from Chicago. If you’re looking for the complete game day experience, book a ride with us today.

What people are saying about us!

“This is by far the best way to see a ND game. There was a great spread and games prior to leaving Chicago. There was a broad open bar on the way to ND. The tailgate was decent food and a ton of fun. It is so easy and convenient. I highly recommend it.”
Mark H.
“Everything from booking, brunch at Punchbowl Social, bus ride, drinks, tailgate and to the midnight snack was fabulous. All employees were so very nice and caring. This is well worth the money.”
John R.
“Everything about the Irish Express is first class. I would highly recommend and would use again without hesitation!”
Hal P.
“​​The Irish Express team puts on a great event. To a person, they were all very customer focused and friendly. There was a huge group for the UNC game and they handled the logistics well from what I could see. Great atmosphere. Thanks.”
Colin P.